About Us

We are a group of electrical and computer engineers representing California Polytechnic State Univeristy's student branch of IEEE. We are among one of the most active EE/CPE organizations that have consistently helped students delve deeper into their respective fields; we have created complex projects that result in learning all about engineering.

We are an essential link between the EE/CPE department and the student body and have continued to provide a way for students to explore their interests.

What IEEE Needs

With an extremely dedicated group of 15 officers and a membership of over 200 undergraduate students, the branch specializes in organizing tasks that further the futures of students involved in the branch.

Looking forward, the branch is looking to connect with sponsors in order to provide a means of progressing towards bigger and better things for the student body.

Becoming a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor is as simple as contacting the current treasurer. The treasurer will provide details on what it means to be a part of Cal Poly's IEEE student branch. Sponsorships can be renewed annually.

Contact: Joe Sandoval at jgsandov@calpoly.edu.

Below, sponsor types with their associated benefits are listed. Each level of sponsorship includes all the benefits of its lower levels.

Sponsor Types

Standard Sponsor

$200 - 499
  • Web ad

Premium Sponsor

$500 - 999
  • Access to IEEE's resume database
  • Company logo on IEEE T-shirt
  • Company logo printed on IEEE newsletter
  • Company logo posted on IEEE bulletin board
  • Company logo displayed on IEEE website

Gold Sponsor

$1000 - 1999
  • Website Company profile on IEEE
  • Larger logo on IEEE T-shirt

Platinum Sponsor

  • Advertising space on IEEE events
  • Company Banner in IEEE room